Crown Staffing Solutions Business Services

Crown Staffing Solutions is a successful, multi-state personnel staffing agency serving both large and small companies in the Detroit Metro areas. We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our Solutions to meet your company’s individual needs. Find out how we can help.

Contract Associates

Contract workers play a pivotal role in helping some companies grow, expand into new markets, or take on special projects. From Entry-Level to Executive, the team at Crown Staffing is dedicated to helping you find and screen the best contract candidates without adding pressure or creating extra work for your HR team or manager. 

  • We customize and tailor our recruiting to identify the best fit

  • We take your company’s culture and management styles into account.

Executive Hiring

Your company’s leadership is a key factor of success or failure, but finding highly-qualified and ideally suited leadership can present quite the challenge, particularly in times of leadership transition. The search for an Executive is a strenuous process that requires meticulous care and effort, which means that it can be time-consuming. 

  • Crown Staffing combines our vast network of contacts with a dedicated, solutions-focused team

  • We help streamline the process of finding an ideal leader.

Payroll Services

Payroll is a complex process that can put a strain on companies of any size. From the legal intricacies and deductions management, to ensuring the payment of accurate commissions and expense reimbursement, payroll is a time-consuming process that can be a heavy burden on any company. Crown Staffing’s dedicated, detail-oriented Payroll team is here to help relieve that strain. 

  • Focus on innovation and development by outsourcing your payroll

  • Rely on accurate and expertise-driven payroll services. 

HR Contracting

Every business with employees needs Human Resources management, whether it’s one of a single individual’s responsibilities or it’s managed by a whole department. But HR doesn’t have to be managed in-house. Outsourcing your HR can present some attractive benefits like reducing overhead costs. 

  •  Ensure expertise-backed HR management for large and small companies.

  • Experts in Recruiting, Legal, Benefits, and Workers’ Compensation will support you through Open Enrollment or provide a permanent HR solution.

HR Consulting

As a complex aspect of any business that has employees, effective Human Resources management often requires expert guidance. The HR professionals at Crown Staffing have many years of experience to share with you. Our HR Consulting services are solutions-based, tailoring expert knowledge and guidance to your business.

  • Determine appropriate tax withholding on your employee’s paychecks

  • Confirm your company’s compliance with local laws and Worker’s Compensation accounts.