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Contract Associates

From Entry-Level to Executive our team wants to help you find your team. Our custom-tailored solutions take into account your company culture and management style to ensure that we find you the right fit. 


Executive Search

Finding highly-qualified leadership is a strenuous process that requires meticulous care and effort that can be time-consuming. With our vast network of contacts and dedicated team, we can help you streamline the process.

Payroll Services

The legal intricacies of payroll and time-consuming process can be a heavy burden on any company. Our dedicated Payroll team is here to help you relieve that strain. Contact us to learn how outsourcing your Payroll can help you today.


HR Contracting

For a staffing company, Human Resources is the name of the game. Our team boasts Recruiting, Legal, Benefits, and Workers' Compensation Experts. Whether you need help for Open Enrollment or a permanent solution, our HR team can give you the support you need.

Our Solutions

We Refer “Your Kind of Employee”

We involve our clients in the creation of the screening, evaluation, and interviewing process that their candidates will go through.  This allows us to tailor the candidates we submit to you for consideration precisely to your needs.  Our record of accomplishment for referring top-notch, qualified candidates is unparalleled.  We realize that your time is of utmost importance and that it should not be spent interviewing only the most qualified of applicants.  This detailed matching of needs benefits your company as well as our employees and is a service we are proud to provide.

We Refer Quality Candidates

We at Crown Staffing Solutions understand that you want to employ only the best, most qualified candidates.  Our reputation for excellence attracts the superior candidates that every company is looking for.  The industry's finest turn to us when seeking a career move because our service enables them to be matched with outstanding companies like yours.

We Offer Confidentially

Strict confidentiality is guaranteed throughout the interviewing and hiring process.  Our efforts are concentrated towards providing your company with the best in personnel services while using the utmost discretion from start to finish.

We Offer You Our Reputation

Crown Staffing Solutions is a successful, multi-state personnel staffing agency and has enjoyed serving both large and small companies in the Detroit Metro areas.  We offer you the benefit of our most valuable gift, our excellent reputation.  Nowhere else will you find staff more willing to serve you with professionalism, friendliness, and genuine caring.

We Thoroughly Test and Screen Applicants

Our candidates are extensively interviewed, screened, and tested to ensure that their competency meets your criteria.  Our professional, friendly staff is extremely proud of the excellent reputation they have gained for effectively assessing the skills and other qualifications of applicants.  We will discuss all candidates with you before you agree to interview them and offer a verbal or written reference check upon request.

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Crown Staffing prides ourselves on our ability to tailor our Solutions to meet your company's individual needs. Fill out the below form and tell us about what your needs are to learn more about how our Solutions can help you. You may also contact the Sales team at 313-277-9612.

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