Q:  What is the first step to becoming a new employee?  

A:  The first step is to apply to a position posted on this website.  

Q:  After I apply, what is the next step? 

A:  A representative from Crown Staffing Solutions will review your qualifications and we will contact you if we feel you are a good fit for one of our clients.  Instructions will be provided on when and where to arrive for a new employee orientation. 

Q:  When should I report to an assignment?  

A:  You will be contacted by phone and given instructions for reporting to an assignment.  Never show up for an assignment unless you are given specific instructions to do so.    

Q:  Should I contact your clients directly by phone or show up to their facilities to see if anyone will hire me for Crown Staffing Solutions?  

A:  No.  Please do not contact our clients directly.  

Q:  Where do I report on my first day with your client? 

A:  You will report to the on-site coordinator for the site where you are assigned.  Please pay close attention to the specific instructions for reporting to each site.  Our clients cannot interrupt their busy schedules to direct new Crown Staffing employees to the proper reporting location.