Crown Staffing Solutions, LLC Home Office: 

The Home Office is where new employees fill out their paperwork and complete orientation.  The Home Office is located at 13201 W Warren Ave in Dearborn, Michigan.  The office is on the second floor of the Paramount Tax Building.  The entrance is on the rear side of the building.  Once you enter the building, go upstairs and follow the signs for Crown Staffing Solutions, LLC. 

Crown Staffing Solutions, LLC on-site offices at Hollingsworth Logistics Group, LLC: 

The Crown Staffing Solutions on-site office at Hollingsworth is accessible only to employees who have been hired by Crown Staffing Solutions to work at Hollingsworth Logistics Group.  New employees must arrive at the security building and check in.  The security officer will contact the on-site representatives from Crown Staffing Solutions.  The on-site representative will come get new employees from the security building and escort them to the on-site office within the Hollingsworth facilities.